Student Calendar


DNOW 2023
February 17th – 19th, 2023

Drop off at 6:30pm on Friday the 17th at Host Homes

Pick up at 11:30am on Sunday the 19th at LifePoint Students

DNOW: Vertical Reality. We are all supposed to be growing as people. Each day, we should be improving, becoming better than we were. And yet, so many of us feel stuck. We feel trapped in our own dysfunction. So how do we move toward health? How do we begin to find hope that tomorrow and the next day will be any better than what we have experienced up until now? This weekend, we will be striving to find out what it is to be working toward health—relational, emotional, and spiritual.

Registration is required.  Register here.  Register by 2/3/2023 to guarantee a t-shirt



LifePoint Student Summer Camp 

June 5th – 9th, 2023

Riverbend Retreat Center, Glen Rose, TX
$50 deposit
Jan 8 – Feb 12 – $400
Feb 13 – April 9 – $430
April 10 – May 5 – $455
Registration is required.  Register here

Do you have any questions?  Contact Pastor Ben Price at