Join us on September 26th for our outdoor Summer Movie Night event located on the west side of the church in the LifePoint Kids parking lot! From 7:30-10pm, students will get to enjoy time outside together as they watch a movie projected on the back wall of the church! A couple things to note:

  1. Upon arriving at the church for the event, all students will be given a specific area/space to sit in as they are enjoying the movie.
  2. Only individuals who arrive in the same vehicle will be able to sit in the same area/space for the movie.
  3. Students should feel free to bring their own blankets, chairs, etc. These things will not be provided by the church.
  4. Masks will be required at all times for students unless they are sitting in their assigned area/space.
  5. Individually packaged candy and popcorn will be located within each viewing area/space, though students are welcome to bring their own snacks if they desire.
  6. Prior to arriving, please print off, sign, and bring with you a copy of our student waiver found on our student home page. To avoid having to fill out multiple waivers in the future, you may date the waiver for 1 year in duration (i.e. “Sept 26, 2020 – Sept 26, 2021”). If you already did this for our previous Outdoor Worship Night event, then no additional waiver will be required for this Outdoor Summer Movie Night event.
  7. The specific movie to be viewed will be rated no higher than PG-13.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Pastor Dane at