Looking at the early church in Acts 2:42-47, we don’t just see Christians gathering to be taught the Word of God. Rather, there are 5 key themes we see present in the 1st century church: Evangelism (Acts 2:47b), Discipleship (Acts 2:42a), Fellowship (Acts 2:42b), Service (Acts 2:44-45), and Worship (Acts 2:47a). Therefore, because our vision is to see our students become ‘Acts 2 believers,’ we have 4 major events that we have every single year.

  1. Launch – Our kickoff event for the Fall semester is a 2 day overnight event that takes place in order facilitate the growth of friendships and fellowship amongst our students.
  2. DNOW – Our kickoff event for the Spring semester is a 3 day overnight event that takes place to meet the purpose of discipleship and helping our students learn how to share their faith with others.
  3. New Orleans Mission Trip – Every Spring break we take 24 High School students down to New Orleans to serve with a local church we have partnered with in the French District. The purpose of this event is to expose our students to various environments of service with different people groups (i.e. Homeless, Mentally Disabled, Elderly, and those in Rehabilitation).
  4. Summer Camp – Every June, in partnership with FUGE Ministries, we take students away from Texas in order to gather together with other students from various other churches throughout the country to worship together as the larger body of Christ.

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