Suffering and difficulty in life is not just a possibility, but a guarantee; and as parents, we want to do everyone we can in order to equip our students to navigate these inevitable times in life well. So how does the follower of Jesus faithfully navigate seasons of suffering and difficulty in life? We hope your student joins us for "DNOW 2021: Waves” on March 12-13th as we safely get together for fun and discipleship this year!

As a result of COVID-19 precautions, please note that we will be requiring students to wear masks in doors and work to social distance at all times. Additionally, we will not have host homes this year. Students will need to be dropped off and picked up at the church at the beginning and end of each day. The cost is $60 per student. Food and a shirt will be provided. If you have any questions, please email

This year, our vision for DNOW 2021 is not just to better equip our students to navigate difficulties in life with wisdom, but also to enjoy some much desired time to unplug and have fun with friends. COVID-19 made the year 2020 difficult for our students and especially with regards to time spent with one another. Consequently, part of our vision for DNOW this year is to create an opportunity for our students to enjoy some time together and rekindle those relationships. In order to accomplish this, we will be spending the afternoon of March 13th at Group Dynamic (GDX). This is an outstanding organization that we have partnered with before and are looking forward to working with again. Please see below for details on some of the policies and protocols they have instituted at their facility in order to create a fun and safe environment on the heels of COVID-19.


Program Protocols

  1. Participants that are sick should stay home
  2. We highly encourage the wearing of face coverings
  3. Keep 6ft physical distance from others to the best extent possible
  4. All props used during an event will be disinfected afterwards
  5. Hand sanitation before & after activities
  6. More time will be planned for hand washing

Facility Protocols

  1. Hand sanitation stations will be placed in prominent locations
  2. Common area contact places will be cleaned regularly
  3. Water fountains require the use of disposable cups
  4. COVID-19 reminder signage is placed around the building
  5. 6ft markers are placed on the ground where lines form

Employee Protocols

  1. Will wash hands upon entering the building
  2. Will have temperature taken before and after their shift
  3. Will not come to work when sick
  4. Will wear face coverings
  5. Will Keep 6ft physical distance from others to the best extent possible