Our Story

LifePoint Church was founded as Grace Community Church with approximately 14 people on March 12, 1989. Since that day, we have been growing, one family at a time. With every new family joining the church there came new challenges, new needs crying to be met and by the grace of God, those challenges are being met through various ministries and groups in the church. Below are several of the key moments in the history of LifePoint Church:

  • In 1991 we started the “Possess Our Land” campaign, raising over $225,000 that allowed us to purchase 7 acres of land at Hedgcoxe and Preston Meadow Road in Plano.
  • In October of 1993, we successfully raised $750,000 with a bond campaign, which allowed us to begin construction on Phase I of our facility.
  • In July of 1994 we raised an additional $200,000 to complete Phase I, a multi-purpose building. Our “Growing With Grace” campaign in the fall of 1996 brought $1.2 million in pledges over a 3-year period, to complete Phase II, doubling our worship center and educational wing.
  • Our “Field of Dreams” campaign, which covered the building of our final sanctuary, was completed in March 2002.
  • In September 2005 we dedicated our new 50,000 square foot, state of the art children’s facility.
  • On October 23, 2011 we changed our name from Grace Community Church to Life Point Church to better reflect our purpose and mission. We join people seeking purpose and offer life through Jesus Christ.
  • On October 14, 2014 we celebrated 25 years together as a church family.