Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00
My Life Point
Check the life points that are relevant to you and we'll match them to content that best fits you.

LifeBeat is an intentional discipleship program designed to put the heartbeat of LifePoint into the church family.

Our heartbeat is to join people seeking purpose and to offer them life through Jesus Christ.
With that heartbeat vision in view, we seek a twofold purpose for the training program:
1) to ensure that our people are enjoying life in Jesus Christ 
2) to equip our people with a strategy for joining others and for offering the joy-filled life in Jesus Christ.
Quite simply, we want to see our people develop an organic lifestyle of worshiping, serving, giving, connecting, sharing, and disciple-making. Topics covered throughout the duration of the program include What is The Gospel?, the doctrine of God, spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, meditation, journaling, quiet times, etc.), personal character and integrity, and theological thinking and communicating.
To Register for the Spring 2014 class, email Doug Hankins hereFor more information please download the Spring 2014 Information Packet.