Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00
My Life Point
Check the life points that are relevant to you and we'll match them to content that best fits you.

16 weeks. Lifelong transformation.

"Taking this class was the BEST decision I ever made!
Doug does a fantastic job teaching. highly recommend it!!."
~ JoElia Kelly, Spring 2014 graduate

"Highly recommend this. Went through this myself and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I also learned some new stuff. If you are in doubt about taking this class all I can say is go for it!"
~ George Feiser, Senior Pastor, LifePoint Church

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Class Lecture Videos


01 | Charting Your Story




      01 | Your Story Notes






02 | The Wesleyan Quadrilateral

    02 | The WQ Notes 

  03 | The Overview of Scripture      
      03 | Scripture Notes
  04 | An Overview of Church History      
      04 | Church History Notes
  05 | Providence and Salvation      
      05 | Notes
  06 | Humanity and Sin      
      06 | Notes